Once you have generated all of your shipments for the day, you can generate a SCAN form so that the USPS driver needs to only scan 1 barcode, as opposed to scanning the barcode for each of your shipments.

This is easy to do with our app.

Just go to your Endicia or Express1 Shipping Preference, either by clicking on the USPS Shipment Preferences tab, or going to a shipment and following the links highlighted below:

Once on the Preference, click on the "Get SCAN Form" button.

You can then filter your shipments by date, don't forget to use the select all checkbox, and then click on the "SCAN Form".

Once that has completed you can close this window, and refresh the Preference page.

Once refreshed if you scroll down the page to the Notes and Attachments section you will see you SCAN form is attached.

Print this form out, and hand it to your USPS driver when he comes to pick up the packages.

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