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    1. USPS Testing
    2. USPS Express1

USPS Testing

USPS supports both Express1 and Endicia Preferences. 

However, for testing purposes we recommend using Endicia. Express1 only supports Priority and Express Mail and does not allow you to create Demo Accounts. 

To test, you should first enable demo mode:

    1. Navigate to Setup | Develop | Custom Settings
    2. Click USPS Shipmate General Settings
    3. Click Manage
    4. Click New
    5. Provide a Name and check Run Demo Mode

USPS Endicia Testing

  1. Click the USPS Preferences tab
  2. Click New USPS Endicia Preference
  3. Enter your own contact information. For the credit card information choose Visa and enter 4111111111111111 for the credit card number, any 3 digit value for the security code and any expiration date in the future as shown:

4. Remember all the details you have entered. And click Save.

A demo account number starts with 2xxxxx and a live account number starts with 1xxxxx

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