Version 3.29

Released July 30th 2018

  • Auto Print when using the invocable method
  • Bulk Print from USPS Shipment list view
  • Signature Confirmation added to Custom Address source
  • Fix sender postal code not saving in Custom Address Source
  • Fix Custom Address Source for orgs with over 1000 custom objects
  • Fix for Endicia Contract IDs

Version 3.27

Released June 2nd 2018

  • SCAN form now available for Express1 shipments
  • Fix for Priority Express with Express1 via bulk methods

Version 3.26.2

Released May 22nd 2018

  • Hazardous Materials can be set via Custom Address Source
  • Invocable track Shipment - you can specify if its a return or not
  • Global Methods added to Check Current Account Postage and Add Credit for Express1 and Endicia
  • Fix for MailPiece Error via Bulk Shipments
  • Fix Auto Printing not working in lightning

Version 3.25.2

Released May 16th 2018

  • Fix for Adding an Express1 account and the CustomerID error

Version 3.25

Released April 24rd 2018

  • Fix for Endicia Package error
  • Fix for Invocable "Send Email"

Version 3.20

Released Jan 15th 2018

  • Update to Custom Address Source to allow 3 level deep object navigation
  • Fix for Endicia Tracking updates not working
  • Fix for AutoPrinting in Lightning

Version 3.19.4

Released July 31st 2017

  • Fixed First Class Flat 6x4 label size returning as 7x3 bug

Version 3.19.3

Released July 17th 2017

  • Fixed bug related to adding an existing Endicia account

Version 3.19.2

Released July 14th 2017

  • Fixed bug related to service cloud and auto-ship

Version 3.19.1

Released July 7th 2017

  • Fixed bug related to service cloud

Version 3.19

Released July 4th 2017

  • Scale integration
  • Fixed bug related to cancel shipment

Version 3.18

Released June 6th 2017

  • Global method for bulk cancelling shipments

Version 3.16.7

Released May 11th 2017

  • Updated Cancel Shipment UI for clearer warning messages

Version 3.16.6

Released May 6th 2017

  • Fixed bug related to international shipments via Endicia related to "ContentsType"

Version 3.16.5

Released April 21st 2017

  • Fixed bug introduced in v3.16.1 for cancelling shipments

Version 3.16.1

Released April 11th 2017

  • Endicia API Cancel Shipment changes integrated

Version 3.16

Released March 3rd 2017

  • Endicia Preference - email templates for Send EMail button
  • Salesforce Critical Update fixes for "Remove Deprecated Limits Method" and "Allow CSRF Protection on GET Requests to Visualforce Pages"
  • Bulk Shipments - labels can now be ordered for printing
  • Bulk Shipments - labels can now be set to auto print
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 3.15.1

Released February 15th 2017

  • Extended debugging
  • Cancel shipment bug fix

Version 3.14.2

Released January 10th 2017

  • Shipment Auto Creation and Auto Printing fixed

Version 3.14.1

Released January 5th 2017

  • Label Image size is now available via Custom Address Source
  • Tracking Checkpoints now available, only via Endicia or USPS Web Api tracking
  • Package details UI improvements regarding refreshing of the page
  • Sender information now configurable via Custom Address Source
  • Ability to truncate company name automatically via custom setting
  • Ability to rotate ZPL/EPL labels
  • Preference Setting to convert 4x6 GIF labels to PDF for printing to non standard printers
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 3.13.5

Released December 21st 2016

  • Pay on use returns available via custom address source: PAY_ON_USE
  • Updates to allow Platform Encryption to function correctly

Version 3.13.2

Released November 17th 2016

  • Unable to save long printer names to default screen - fixed

Version 3.13.1

Released October 12th 2016

  • Express1 Priority Flat Rate Envelope bug fixed
  • Tracking bug fixed

Version Version 3.13

Released October 10th 2016

  • Added Auto Printing to Custom Address Source
  • Added return checkbox to shipment object. Gets checked if the item is returned
  • Tracking bugs fixed

Version Version 3.12.4

Released September 30th 2016

  • Fix to deal with changes to carrier APIs

Version Version 3.12.3

Released September 27th 2016

  • PDF Printing fix

Version 3.12

Released September 7th 2016

  • Custom address source edit page bug fixed
  • Set Preference as a default using Custom Address source

Version 3.11

Released July 28th 2016

  • Minor bug fixes

Version 3.9

Released June 28th 2016

  • Major update to print management software
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 3.8

Released May 31st 2016

  • Added more special services for bulk shipping
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 3.6

Released May 17th 2016

  • Email not longer a requirement for reciever
  • New Endicia API integrated
  • Endicia Pay on Use returns available for bulk shipment
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 3.5

Released 13th April 2016

  • Minor bug fixes

Version 3.4

Released 29th March 2016

  • Supports USPS Online Tools tracking for more up to date tracking information

Version 3.1

Released 8th February 2016

  • Minor bug fixes

Version 3.0

Released 28th January 2016

  • Added Endicia support, include First Class Mail, Media Mail, First Class Mail, Library Mail, Media Mail, Critical Mail and Endicia Pay-on-Use Returns™
  • Condensed the two page wizard down into a single page wizard
  • Updated our bulk apex methods to support new Endicia service types
  • Extended Custom Address Source to support field mappings for Service Type, Packaging Type, Weight, Dimensions, Shipment Type (outbound and returns) as well as auto-create shipment (to bypass the wizard completely)
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