Our invocable method allows you to automatically send a UPS label via email as an attachment.

This only works when used in conjunction with our Invocable - Create Shipment method.

First create a Process Builder Task by going to Setup > Create > Workflow & Approvals > Process Builder and click the New button.

Give the process a name, description and choose to start the process when "A record Changes".

Next we have 2 ways to use Process Builder's scheduled actions. 1st way, click "Add Object" , choose the UPS Shipment object and we want to start the process "when a record is created or edited"

Click save and your screen will look like so:

Next we select "Add Criteria". 

On the right hand side set the Condition Field to be "Shipment Processing Completed",

and the value we are looking for to be True. 

We also need to check the checkbox under advanced to execute the actions only when specific changes are made to the record.

You should finish with a screen like so:

The 2nd way to be able to access scheduled actions is to go back a few steps and change the process to start "only when a record is created." The advanced criteria option to execute actions only when specific changes are made to the record won't be available or necessary.

Click save, and click "Set Schedule", input 0 Hours After Last Modified Date or you can select Created Date if you chose to run the process only when a record is created.

Click save, and click "Add Action", set the Action Type to be "Apex", and the Apex Class to be "Send Labels to Email (UPS)":

You will then need to set the Apex Variables. There is only one to set.

Choose the Type "Field Reference", and select "Record ID" from the field dropdown.

Your screen will now look like so:

Click save, and then activate the Process Builder task.

You can now test this procedure.

Create a UPS shipment, using the invocable method we have created previously.

The email gets sent to either the sender email address or recipient email address. To set which one it gets sent to, please edit the UPS Preference and edit this box:

Please contact us using the icon to the bottom right of this screen if you have any queries, and we will be glad to help.

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