How do I manage UPS shipments?

Once you complete a UPS Shipment, you can view and manage the shipment from the List View or Detail View.

List View

To see your UPS Shipments as a list, click on the UPS Shipments tab. Depending on which custom list view you have selected, the related UPS Shipment(s) will appear. You can always changes which fields/columns display by editing or creating a new custom list view.

Click the List or Chatter button on the right to switch your views. You can either see the record data, or by selecting the Chatter button, you can see all the latest Chatter updates within the last 30 days.

You can initiate a shipment by clicking New UPS Shipment or setup the automatic tracking updates by clicking Schedule Tracking. More details about Schedule Tracking can be found here.

Detail View

To see the details of a specific UPS Shipment, click on the UPS Shipment Number link. Here you can see all the details of the shipment you created including the related label, special services, packages and international commodities.

When viewing a specific UPS Shipment, there are a series of actions that can be performed with a click of a button.

  1. Delete – This will delete the UPS Shipment record from your Salesforce instance. This will NOT cancel the shipment with UPS. To do that, you must first click the Modify/Cancel Shipment button.
  2. Track Shipment – This will launch a new screen where you can manually get the latest tracking updates from UPS. You can configure Shipmate to automatically receive tracking updates from UPS by following the steps here.
  3. Email Label – This will launch a new screen where you can send an email with the label(s) automatically attached. All of the fields are required and you must select at least one label attachment before you can send. This can be used for both outgoing and return shipments. This is a great feature when you need to send the return label to your customer.
  4. Modify/Cancel Shipment – This will allow you to modify or cancel the entire shipment. If the shipment has one package, then you can cancel the shipment. If the shipment has two or more packages, then you can cancel them all or specify which specific packages you would like to cancel. When you cancel a shipment/package, this means the shipment/package is now removed from UPS and the related label(s) will no longer work. This cannot be undone. Modifying or cancelling a shipment will NOT delete the shipment record from Salesforce, you will need to click the Delete button to do that.
  5. Printable Summary – This will launch a printable screen that displays a summary of the current shipment record. This is a great way to make an internal physical copy of the shipment record.
  6. Print Thermal Labels – For shipments where the labels generated are thermal (i.e. Zebra, Eltron, Samsung), this button will allow you to print all the labels at once or individually to your thermal printer.

This feature will not work with GIF labels. You must first setup your thermal printer before you can use this feature.

This is a great feature to speed up your printing time.

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