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  1. Carriers
  2. Create a new preference

1. Carriers and how it works with licensing

The Multi Carrier App license is based on the number of distinct carriers that you have, but it allows you to set up multi preferences of that same carrier.

For example if you want to use DHL as the carrier with multiple DHL accounts, and your Multi Carrier app has a license for 1, then you will be able to create multiple preferences with DHL.

If you then wanted to add another carrier, for example Interlink Express, you will get an error message when you try to add it. You will need to get your license updated to allow for 2 distinct carriers. Please message us via the live chat icon at the bottom right of this page or go to our contact us page to write us an email, to do this.

To see the number of distinct carriers you have available for your license please click on the "Update Licence" button you can see when you are within the Multi Carrier Shipmate Preference screen.

This shows you the total carriers you have set up, and it shows you total number of carriers allowed. Once we have made the change on our end you will need to go to Multi Carrier Preferences and click on the "Update Licence" button if you have requested more than 1 carrier.

2. Click on the Shipmate Preferences tab, then click New Shipmate Preference

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