Version 1.18.2

Released August 7th 2018

  • Print Labels and Documents added to Bulk Shipment Page
  • Custom Items can now be edited if custom setting checkbox is ticked
  • Better error messages returned for carriers
  • UPS bug for international fixed
  • UPS bug for returns fixed
  • Fix related to country/currency codes
  • Fix related to auto-print creating an extra printout for items with more than 1 package

Version 1.17.9

Released August 1st 2018

  • Fix related to DPD carrier null pointer exception

Version 1.17.8

Released July 30th 2018

  • Fix related to package save for re-use

Version 1.17.7

Released July 26th 2018

  • Amazon MWS added
  • UPS LTL Freight added
  • FedEx Freight Added
  • Fixes related to custom address source

Version 1.13

Released July 2nd 2018

  • Fix for Bulk Rating
  • Fix for Bulk Shipping
  • Fix for frozen page when in lightning
  • Fix for Custom Address Source missing UPS carrier specific fields

Version 1.10.8

Released June 26th 2018

  • Fix UPS Preference creation with Negotiated Rates
  • Fix UPS unable to void shipment 

Version 1.10.5

Released June 12th 2018

  • Fix for Bulk Shipment Creation
  • Fix for FedEx International Commercial Invoice

Version 1.10.3

Released June 6th 2018

  • UPS added as a carrier
  • Global Method for Printing Added
  • Fix for FedEx scheduled tracking
  • Fix for FedEx label not attaching correctly
  • Removed required attribute for Package Fields of Length, Width, Height for FedEx

Version 1.8.1

Released April 5th 2018

  • All pages updated to use lightning
  • FedEx added as a carrier
  • Invocable methods added for creating shipments, quotes and tracking shipments

Version 1.6.28

Released April 5th 2018

  • This version must be installed first if you are looking to upgrade a version less than 1.8 to 1.8.1 and above.

Version 1.6.24

Released September 22nd 2017

  • Allow edit of Weight and Dimension units on preference
  • Added AUD to currency option for preference

Version 1.6.7

Released January 11th 2017

  • New version of JQuery added

Version 1.6.5

Released January 10th 2017

  • Official release
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