Table of Contents

  1. Assign Licenses
  2. Adding Related Lists to Standard Objects

To configure the app, complete the following steps:

1. Assign Licenses

Select the Salesforce users you would like to assign licenses to.

Shipmate installs with 30 user licenses. Please message us via the live chat icon at the bottom right of this page or go to our contact us page to write us an email, if you require more.

You must be a Salesforce Administrator or have the permission Manage Package Licenses to assign licenses.

  1. Navigate to Setup | Installed Packages
  2. Click on Manage Licenses
  3. Click Add Users
  4. Identify the desired users by checking their name.
  5. Click Add

After you have assigned a license, you’ll notice Shipmate for FedEx is accessible in the Apps dropdown menu.

2. Adding Related Lists to Standard Objects

You can initiate a shipment from any Lead, Contact, Account or Opportunity. To do this, you must add the FedEx Shipment related list to each of these objects.

Follow the steps outlined below for Leads, then repeat the same steps for Contacts, Accounts and Opportunities.

  1. Navigate to Setup | Customize | Leads
  2. Click Page Layout
  3. Click on the Edit action near the Lead Layout Page layout name (not required for Group and Professional Edition customers)
  4. Click Related Lists and drag-and-drop FedEx Shipments to the related list section of the page layout
  5. Click Save and select Yes if asked to "overwrite users’ personal related list customizations"

Repeat steps 1-5 for Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities

Congratulations! Shipmate has been fully installed and configured. Before you can ship a package, be sure to define a Shipmate Preference

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