Some of my users cannot see all of the Shipmate objects.

If your users can’t access all of the Shipmate objects, there’s a chance that the profile is not properly setup. Note: These steps are NOT required for Group and Professional Edition, they are only Enterprise Edition and higher.

If the users are part of a Standard Profile, you will not be able to modify the object permission. Instead, you must clone the Standard Profile and make the following changes.

If you want the user to have full-permissions to create shipments, you must ensure the custom profile has all Shipmate objects checked as shown here:

If you want to just provide the user with read-only access, follow these steps.

You may have and small number of shippers in your company but would also like your sales or support team to view the status of shipments without the ability to actually create the shipments.

To make a user read-only you will need to edit the permissions for the users profile.

Note: If your user is a standard user you will need to clone their profile first.

Follow the steps below to get this setup:

  1. Go to Setup | Manage Users | Profiles

  2. Click Edit next to the profile you wish to enable the read-only licenses for.

  3. Scroll down to Custom Object Permissions and set the basic access permissions as shown in the screenshot:

  4. If you don't see the above screen then you might need to change the profile editing view. Which you can do by going to Setup > Customize > User Interface and unchecking the "Enable Enhanced Profile User Interface" box.

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