Version 4.44.2

Released August 1st 2018

  • Removed State requirement from Preference creation

Version 4.44.1

Released July 23rd 2018

  • Scheduled tracking fix

Version 4.44

Released July 17th 2018

  • Custom Setting Added to disable ship button if there is a Postal-City Mismatch after calculate rates
  • Custom Address Source includes Override Paperless
  • Custom Address Source Packages not selectable if you have more than 1000 custom objects in your org.
  • Custom Address Source includes One Rate
  • Address Validation auto check residential
  • Invocable Track Shipment includes "return" flag

Version 4.43.3

Released June 13th 2018

  • Fix for signature delivery mages not saving correctly
  • Fix for reference number not showing for outbound and return shipments.

Version 4.42.3

Released June 6th 2018

  • Fix for signature delivery images not downloading successfully

Version 4.42.2

Released June 1st 2018

  • Signature delivery images downloaded once they become available via FedEx API.
  • Fix for invocable method and label type

Version 4.41

Released May 15th 2018

  • Outbound and Return shipments now allow multiple packages for returns.

Version 4.40.6

Released May 10th 2018

  • Fixed scheduled tracking bug
  • Fixed Smartpost tracking bug

Version 4.40.1

Released May 4th 2018

  • Allow outbound and return shipments via wizard (only single return shipments, next update will allow multiple return shipments)
  • Signed For and Delivered To fields now available on shipment object
  • Tracking update to shipment will fill in any missing information on shipment such as address details and package weight 
  • Fix for shipping address 1 and 2 being set as the same in custom address source
  • Fix for Third Party Consignee country issue

Version 4.38

Released Feb 14th 2018

  • Update to Custom Address Source to allow section 4 to be filled out via CAS for international shipments.
  • Fix for Checkpoint status codes not being saved
  • Fix for printing account auto-generation
  • Fix for typo on package profile page
  • Fix for Package Roll Up summary

Version 4.36

Released Jan 12th 2018

  • Update to Custom Address Source to allow 3 level deep object navigation
  • Label Type added to Custom Address Source
  • Fix for AutoPrinting in Lightning

Version 4.35.1

Released Dec 21st 2017

  • Expected Delivery Date field added for Tracking Only Usecase
  • Invocable Method renaming

Version 4.34.3

Released Dec 13th 2017

  • Invocable Methods For Shipping, Tracking, Rating, and Email Label

Version 4.31.1

Released Oct 18th 2017

  • Custom address source fix for Package Type not populating in certain situations

Version 4.31

Released Oct 1st 2017

  • Custom address source field "Package Contents" added to allow defaulting for international shipments of Commodity / Documents
  • Custom address source field "Returns Type" added to allow defaulting for international shipments return type

Version 4.30

Released Sep 18th 2017

  • Fix related to not being able to delete Checkpoint objects via UI or Apex
  • Fixed "Use list rates" custom setting incorrectly used negotiated rates values on shipment

Version 4.29.1

Released Aug 31st 2017

  • Fix related to scheduled tracking setup and recieving this error : "DML currently not allowed"
  • Update to view labels remotely to allow expiration

Version 4.28.11

Released July 14th 2017

  • Intra UK now available

Version 4.28.10

Released July 7th 2017

  • FedEx account from all eligible countries can be added

Version 4.28.9

Released June 14th 2017

  • FedEx accounts from Tunisia, Spain, Switzerland and Mauritius can now be added.

Version 4.28.8

Released June 6th 2017

  • FedEx registration can be completed for Site Guest User by using Company Telephone number field instead

Version 4.28.6

Released May 15th 2017

  • Germany, Netherlands, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates shipping accounts can now be added.

Version 4.28.5

Released April 25th 2017

  • Fix related to Notification EMail checkboxes not populating correctly

Version 4.28.4

Released April 20th 2017

  • Shipment List view now works as intended if organisation is using Lightning Interface

Version 4.28.3

Released April 18th 2017

  • Added validation errors if errors in to Custom Address Source on Wizard

Version 4.28.2

Released April 8th 2017

  • Email Label Fix

Version 4.28

Released April 7th 2017

  • Latest FedEx APIs integrated
  • Scales integration
  • International Shipments: Price and Currency can be edited on UI
  • Saturday Delivery Checkbox available via Custom Address Source
  • Auto print multiple copies of commercial invoices
  • Email Label functionality enhanced to allow multiple emails in "To:" field.
  • Edit Shipment Packages
  • New Zealand available for setting up a preference
  • Salesforce Shield Compatible
  • Salesforce Critical Update Fix - Allows CSRF Protection on GET Requests to the Visualforce Pages
  • Salesforce Critical Update Fix - Remove Deprecated Limits Method
  • General fixes

Version 4.27.12

Released March 13th 2017

  • Fix for international rating calculations
  • Fix for better implementation with Work Order object

Version 4.27.9

Released Feb 13th 2017

  • Fix for FR Preference Creation

Version 4.27.7

Released January 9th 2017

  • Added Japan to country dropdown for Preference Creation

Version 4.27.6

Released January 9th 2017

  • Fixed ability to save printer defaults for standard user profiles

Version 4.27.5

Released December 21st 2016

  • Updates to allow Platform Encryption to function correctly

Version 4.27.4

Released November 14th 2016

  • Added signature tracking downloading to the scheduled tracking job
  • Luxembourg and Singapore added to FedEx preference creation
  • Any triggers that run off shipment creation need to run "after update, after insert"

Version 4.27.2

Released September 27th 2016

  • PDF Printing fix

Version 4.27

Released August 19th 2016

  • Custom Setting added to auto truncate name and company name to 35 character max
  • Global method added to allow International Returns
  • Ship From address is now possible to manage via Custom Address Source
  • Custom Address Source no longer has a 1000 object limit
  • Upload of single ETD document available
  • Ability to set defaults for Pickup fields (in Preference)
  • Ability to set to/from defaults for Email Shipping label
  • Israel and South Korea are available for preference creation
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 4.26

Released April 20th 2016

  • Major update to print management software
  • Signature Tracking
  • Tracking Checkpoints added to the shipment. You can now see the full tracking history
  • More special services now available via Custom Address Source
  • Bill Duties/Taxes To,Account, Country now available via Custom Address Source
  • Tax Identification Fields now available via Custom Address Source
  • SmartPost now available via Custom Address Source
  • Preference auto selection now available via Custom Address Source
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 4.25

Released April 20th 2016

  • Allow FedEx Preference to be created from GB (only international shipments from GB available, domestic only not supported currently)

Version 4.24

Released April 8th 2016

  • Improve app efficiency for large orgs

Version 4.23

Released April 1st 2016

  • Enable tracking limited by FedEx account number (prevents recycled FedEx tracking number issue)

Version 4.22

Released 23rd March 2016

  • Minor bug fixes

Version 4.21

Released 17th March 2016

  • Support for Letterhead and Signature to commercial invoice
  • International Bulk Shipping including Customs forms and Commodities
  • FedEx Pickup
  • Max number of commodities increased to 50
  • Improved debug logging
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 4.14

Released: 27th August 2015

  • Added a new global apex method, as part of the ShipAutomation product that enables users to track shipments that were not created in Shipmate.
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