How do I ship to a contact?

If you would like to ship to the Contacts object using the standard Shipping Address fields, follow these steps.

If you would like to ship to the Contacts object using any custom fields, follow these steps.

Be sure the FedEx app has been installed for "All Users" 

Please do this even if you do not wish to grant access to all users in your Salesforce org.

After installation, you will need to add the FedEx Shipments related list to to the Contacts object page layout. If this is not available to you, contact your Salesforce Administrator:

Next drag the Fedex Shipments related list to the position you would like it displayed on the Contacts object:

You may also choose the fields that you would like to see on the related list. Commonly used fields are Recipient Contact, Master Tracking Number, Status Description, Delivered, Ship Date, Actual Delivery Date and Total Net Cost:

Be sure to click "Ok" and "Save" after adding the related list and setting the visible fields.

Next you will need to create a FedEx Shipmate Preference if you have not already. It helps to have a copy of your FedEx invoice available, as this will contain most of the information you need:

Be sure to fill out all of the required fields on the FedEx Shipmate Preferences object. Keep in mind this is the step that will validate your FedEx shipping account in Shipmate, so all fields must be entered exactly as they appear on invoice. If you receive an error that the billing address is not recognized, try switching the shipping and billing addresses.

If this is the first time you are setting up Shipmate you might need to follow these other steps:

Link to assign user seats

Printer setup

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