How do I get a lookup field to populate in the CAS?

If there is a value from a related object that you would like to use to create a shipment, formula fields may be needed to move those values to the parent object and change it to a text format.

To create a formula field on a standard object: Setup>Customize>OBJECT NAME>Fields

To create a formula field on a custom object: Setup>Create>Objects>CHOOSE OBJECT NAME>

You should then see a section called "Custom Fields & Relationships", click "New":

We will provide an example in terms of adding a Company name to a shipment generated on a case, but keep in mind that these steps can be used on any object.

Next choose "Formula" field and click "Next":

You will then need to label the formula field. It is a good idea to lead all of these fields with a shipping tag, this will make them easier to recognize later. We also want to choose "Text" for the Formula Return Type. You might want to use a formula number field if you are mapping a field that needs to be in number format (eg weight, dimension, or declared value):

Next, you will need to enter the formula necessary to reference the Company Name field on the related Contact object. Don’t worry if you do not get this right the first time! Here is an example, this will pull the Account Name Field from the Contact that is related to the Case:

You may also use the "Insert Field" to find the field you would like to reference. For more information on formula fields, you might find this document from Salesforce helpful

Next you will need to set the field level security. Anyone who will create a shipment with this field will need access to the field. You may remove the field from the object layout, this will help reduce clutter on the object.

Next, you will need to choose the Page Layouts that this field will be added to. You may opt to not have it visible at all if the only reason it was created is to use it with Shipmate:

Your field should now be available on the object you wish to ship from! (link to cas support page)

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