How do I create shipping labels for subscriptions?

Sometimes our customers have a need to create a shipment for an account or a contact on a regular basis. This might be for a subscription service for instance. Fortunately this is easy using a combination of scheduled APEX and our ShipAutomation app.

We will show you how to do this using our FedEx app, but it’s just as easy using our UPS app or USPS app.

Install the app

Install from the AppExchange  here.

Follow the  installation guide.

Follow the  configuration guide.

Setup demo mode.

When setting up the FedEx Shipmate Preference, ensure "PDF" is the default Label Type

Verify you can create a FedEx Shipment record, and see a PDF label in the "Notes & Attachments" section of the FedEx Shipment record

Install the ShipAutomation app

To enable ShipAutomation, please install the (Note: if installing into a sandbox org, change "" in the URL to "") following package.

Create the Scheduled APEX and go live!

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