How do I close FedEx Ship Day?

Close FedEx Ship Day (a.k.a. End of Day Close) is an important FedEx Ground® function that must be performed when all Ground shipments are completed for the day. This ensures that all FedEx Ground shipping transactions created throughout the day are transmitted to FedEx Ground to allow the packages to be sorted and tracked.

What you need to do:

Follow the steps below to Close your FedEx Ship Day. A printed Manifest is required to be submitted with your packages if they are being picked up by FedEx Ground. If you are dropping your packages off at a FedEx location, the Manifest is not required.

  1. Go to the Shipmate Preferences tab.
  2. Click on the Shipmate Preference record.
  3. Click Close FedEx Ship Day.
  4. Select a Close Date/Time.
  5. Check Report Only - Optional.
  6. Choose a Report Type - Optional.
  7. Specify a Tracking Number - Optional.
  8. Click Submit.

Note: The FedEx Ground Manifest report can be printed or reprinted at any time immediately after the End of Day Close or at a later time if there has been more than one close for the day.

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